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“Aim for slowness! Creativity needs slowness, if we run fast all the time, we can’t be creative.

The idea of slowness is the idea of being in the right place, at the right moment, with the right tempo; we call it “il tempo giusto” in the music vocabulary.”

Vanessa Trapani
Independent consultant for the social innovation of SMEs and co-founder of an NGO called Sloworking

“Keep a career diary: Write down in a notebook the projects you worked on, any key skills you have learned, any insights you got, any person you have met that inspired you and you would like to meet again or keep in touch.

At the moment of transition, you might not remember all the details. Plus, it will be a real morale booster on days you don’t feel so confident.”

Niamh Walsh
Career and Leadership coach

“What makes a difference? The passion, the commitment, the resilience, the dedication, the discipline to be able to stay in the space.

Even when they say that you do not have a seat at the table. You may have to scoot over. Take a chance. There is a saying: When you hang long enough at the barbers' shop, you will end up getting a hair cut.”

Mary Izobo
International human rights lawyer, founder and Executive Director of the Amazon Leadership Initiative (TheALI

“Don’t be disappointed after graduation if you don’t find your perfect job right away.

It can take time, you have to evolve into the direction you want to go to. It also takes time to build your brand. Have an open mind and make the most out of opportunities. Try to meet as many people as you can, also in other settings. Different people can bring different perspectives and opportunities.”

Marco Blanco
Founder, CEO & Principal Solicitor
of Child Safeguard

“Having the capacity to be flexible enough, agile enough to respond to the context, strategic enough to network, strategic enough to navigate all the different challenges.

It is not a one size fits all. You don’t hire skills, you hire attitude.”

Dumiso Gatsha
Founder of Success Capital Organisation a queer, youth, migrant, ethnic minority, feminist-led, managed and serving grassroots organisation

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