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Give your best everyday!

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A conversation with
Una Bejtovic

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The guest of this episode, Una Bejtovic has three decades of experience in media and public relations, with human rights as a red thread for more than two decades. She decided to use the tools she masters to give back to society. She believes that “public relations can contribute to a better understanding among the people and make us better individuals.”

She studied human rights 10 years after starting her media career and only 6 years after the Dayton peace agreement. The European Regional Master's Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe marked a turning point in her life. This program helped me to realize how privileged I was, so I felt the need to help those who are not as privileged as I was. We need more civic courage. Values like solidarity, empathy, honesty are the ones that need to be implemented throughout society in all possible ways.

Her advice to graduates: Give your best every day to be a better professional and to be the one who can help others. She warns against the current push for entrepreneurship: having your own company is not for everybody.

Her communication to human rights activists: You have to learn how the other side operates in order to convey your message.  

The music that she loves ranges from Tchaikovsky to Queen but there is one piece in particular that she wanted to share with us:  Lakmé - Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet).

Her faith helps her daily to keep her balance and stay sane. She concludes with this advice: Be the light in others’ hearts.

Una Bejtovic resize by Vanja Lisac.jpg

Public relations can contribute to a better understanding among the people and make us better individual.

Una Bejtovic


Una Bejtovic was born in Sarajevo in 1977 where she completed Second Gymnasium, Faculty of Philosophy in the Department of Literature of Nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosnian Language, and M.A. at the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe, with the thesis "Political Regimes and Media - Media Between Hate Speech and EU Standards” - a case study of Croatia. 

She began her media career during the siege of Sarajevo in December 1993 on Radio ISV as a 16–year old student, following that she worked for Radio M for six years, and in the editorial office of the Federal TV morning program. She implemented dozens of concerts and events of all formats, collaborated with the biggest musical names, followed by thousands of hours of live radio and TV programs. 

After ten years in the media, and her M.A. degree she has entered the sphere of public relations. She made experience in private, non-governmental and governmental sectors, i.e. working in the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs. In her prolific career, she also had an opportunity to work for ‘Breaking News’ story on CNN International Desk in Atlanta. In 2009, she has begun a career as a freelance consultant for public relations, mostly collaborating on projects in culture, human rights, and business sectors. Her preference is socially engaged projects and believes that public relations can contribute to a better understanding among the people and make us better individuals. 

She won a PRO.PR Award for excellence in public relations and contribution to the development of the profession in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013. Since 2014 she founded her own public relations agency – Bejtovic Communications. Over the past four years Agency implemented more than 150 projects in various fields

Follow her on LinkedIn: Una Bejtovic | LinkedIn

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