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A conversation with
Mfon Udechukwu

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Mfon Udechukwu is a dedicated community coordinator at WeRobotics, blending her passion for human rights advocacy with her commitment to promoting responsible data and technology use. With a human rights and international relations background, Mfon has always been driven by a desire to create positive societal change.


Her career journey took an exciting turn when she recognized the transformative potential of emerging technologies in advancing community development. Mfon firmly believes that responsible and ethical deployment of these resources can empower marginalized communities to address pressing challenges, from disaster response and environmental monitoring to healthcare delivery and infrastructure development. 

Since graduating, I came to realize the broad application of human rights. Human rights can be applied in different fields. This mindset shift also made her unlearn a lot about technology; she used to fear that technology could possibly erode fundamental human rights.

Her advice to young graduates: Follow your thoughts! If your thoughts keep bringing you back to one issue or theme, keep your interests, keep learning on that issue, opportunities will follow. If you have this inner voice that keeps telling you that there is more to it than what you have already been exposed to, follow it.


I wish more people had the basic knowledge of human rights. It would reduce the stress of advocacy and also strengthen the rule of law.

Mfon Udechukwu


Through research and personal learning, Mfon Udechukwu delves into the intricacies of digital rights, data privacy, and the ethical implications of technology. In the last three years, Mfon has actively participated in speaking engagement and projects exploring the intersection of technology and human rights, shedding light on the potential risks and benefits these advancements can bring to vulnerable populations. 

Joining WeRobotics was a natural progression for Mfon, as it allowed her to directly channel her skills into working closely with Flying Labs members across Africa and Latin America to design and implement projects and activities that promote community developments and align with WeRobotics' mission of shifting power to the locals and contributing to system innovation. 

Mfon holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the United States International University Nairobi and a Master's in Human Rights and Democratization from Global Campus of Human RightsVenice, Italy.

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