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Having the sense of accountability is invigorating!

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A conversation with
Marco Blanco

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The guest of our 7th episode, Marco Blanco, is the founder and CEO of Child Safeguard, an award-winning consultancy firm, that helps organisations implement strategies to prevent harm and abuse to children through the implementation of Child Safe Best Practices. 

From a young age, Marco had a strong interest in human rights and sense for social justice through his volunteer work. He changed his perception of homelessness when he realised that many children and young people were homeless. His passion for child rights got confirmed through more volunteering with the Red Cross and UNICEF during his time at university in Australia. He laments that child rights are underappreciated in the academic world and that child protection and child safeguarding are not embedded in masters. 

Marco worked first for not-for-profit sector and realised that a lot of the time was spent on fundraising and that this fundraising was influencing the organisations receiving the funds and making them quite fragile. The challenges in the not-for-profit sector I encountered compelled me to open my own organisation where I had a bit more control to take it in the direction I would like to continue to work.

After 10 years abroad, he came back to Australia when the Royal Commission investigating historical claims of sexual abuse in institutions caring for children was delivering their results.  The combination of his strong passion for child rights, his experience in child protection and the local context led him to create his own organisation. The timing was opportune as there was more community awareness for the issue of child safeguarding and an enhanced regulatory framework following the report of the Royal Commission.

Setting his own business gave him the sense of accountability. Having a business model made it easier for us to be effective. Our point of difference with the not-for-profit sector is that we are a legal firm so we can support our clients with their legal compliance.


His advice to young graduates who might be interested in creating their own business:

  • Show the value of what you have to offer to your client!

  • Be really persistent!

  • Build your confidence through your experiences!

  • Be consistent!


Don’t be afraid of mistakes! It is better to keep improving on the way than trying to be perfect from the beginning.

Marco Blanco


Founder, CEO & Principal Solicitor of Child Safeguard. Child Safeguard is an award winning consultancy firm that helps organisations implement strategies to prevent harm and abuse to children through the implementation of Child Safe Best Practices. Child Safeguard advises clients across multiple sectors including Local Government, Sports and Recreation, Education, Performing Arts, Tech startups, and Not for profit organisations. Marco is engaged by law firms to provide expert evidence in child abuse litigation matters. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia.
Alumnus of GC Europe
Follow him on LinkedIn: Marco Blanco

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